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…over 1000 children dry at night and counting!

“I have some fantastic news and its all down to your wonderful analysis with your own child. My daughter is completely dry and has been for a few months now. I can go to bed without the worry I had now. It’s amazing what a silent problem it can become and I only talked to other people when I started your programme.  My daughter’s confidence has hit new heights and in her own words she “feels like a big girl now”.  Best wishes and I would say to anyone doubting it works put in the work and you will succeed.”

Hazel Donkin, Bedford, UK

“We are all so very happy with your programme, our son has 2 months of completely dry nights and is totally over the moon, so are we, we honestly never thought we would be here ever!! After 13 hard years, he has been to sleep overs, and we are going on holiday to Spain next week (without the nappy pants!!) yeppeee. I am totally happy to write on your website how fantastic your advice has been and how much support you have given us, you are a star, advising us and supporting us.Many many kind regards.”

Mel Paul, Bristol, UK

“We have had almost 100% success already and are very happy. Thank you so much for all your tips and for your continued support.”

Katrina & Family, Australia

I’m so glad I trawled the internet one more time and found your system! Thank you so much Emma.

Fleur Baker, New Zealand

“I feel inspired like you that there are so many parents out there that stress about this and your programme is easy to follow yet effective. It would save us all a lot of time (and money!) if it was widely recognised.”

Sarah Lambert, Essex, UK

“My son’s self esteem, confidence and behavior has benefited so much from your program. This was the best money I have ever spent. You are a life saver!!”

Kylie Young, Queensland, Australia

I would just like to let you know that our daughter has now stopped wetting the bed. She has been dry for about 9 weeks! Thanks for a great programme and for your encouraging emails.

Chris Gaynor, Banbury, UK

“My son Tom is now dry at night! He recently went on a ski trip with school and he was very nervous about wetting the bed, but he made it through with no problems. It has given him so much more confidence. Thank you again for helping our family.”

Donna Waldeck, Warwickshire, UK

“Just to let you know last night was two weeks (14 days) dry Yay!! We took him to the doctor about three weeks ago and mentioned to the doctor  about what we were doing. She informed me she very much doubted it would work and it was a ‘time’ thing. Well I think this experience has proved her wrong, yet again. We are so pleased we listened to you Emma x”

Esther, New Zealand

“We’d tried EVERTHING before we came across your work. Within 6 weeks,  our son was completely dry and could go on sleepovers without worrying and having to hide pullups under his pyjamas. Thankyou so much Emma!
I’ve since discovered how many families are struggling with this problem and I tell them all about your programme.”

Paula MacArthur, Surrey, UK

“My daughter has successfully completed all stages of the programme and has been 100% dry now for over 4 weeks. She took to the programme immediately, only bedwetting about 5 times in the first week.We are both over the moon and I can’t thank you enough! It has been life changing.”

Jo Shepperd, Bristol, UK

We hadn’t had a dry night in 7 years so when I came across you on the internet I was somewhat doubtful. However, we have been using your System for the last 2 weeks now and we have already had 3 dry nights! We can’t quite believe it! It’s good to have genuine people selling genuine products.

Rebecca Kerner, Manchester, UK